Scientific networks

PURPAN uses several networks and organisations to develop its research activities

UMR (Mixed Research Units)

Over half of the lecturers/researchers are members of UMR and several teams are entirely attached to them. For the most part, the UMR are those at INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research), in particular:

  • Toxalim (Research Centre in Food Toxicology) (UMR 1331 INRA/INPT (National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse)/UPS (Paul Sabatier University))
  • Dynafor (Dynamics and Ecology of Forest Landscapes) (UMR 1201 INRA/INPT)
  • AGIR (Agri-Food Innovation and Research) (UMR 1248 INRA/INPT)
  • Agro-industrial Chemistry Laboratory (UMR 1010 INRA/INPT)

Two lecturers/researchers are attached to the UMR of CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre).

SEVAB (Ecological, Veterinary, Agronomic and Bioengineering Sciences) Doctoral School

PURPAN is an associated member of this doctoral school where all the lecturers/researchers possessing the HDR (Accreditation to Supervise Research) are referenced. Almost all the PhD students accepted at PURPAN are enrolled at the SEVAB Doctoral School whose specialisations match over three quarters of the subjects taught at PURPAN.

PA3S (Safety, Security and Health Pole) Consortium

This consortium brings together 27 research teams (INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research), INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), UPS (Paul Sabatier University), INSA (National Insitute of Applied Sciences), ENVT (National Veterinary School of Toulouse), PURPAN), 18 companies and various technology transfer structures around the subject of food safety (mycotoxins, microbial safety, contaminants etc.) and health foods (probiotic and prebiotic, antioxidants, nutrients, food sociology etc.).

At the interface between the 'Cancer-Bio-Santé' and 'Agrimip Sud-Ouest Innovation' poles and under the aegis of 'Toulouse Agri Campus', the PA3S develops collaborative laboratory/company research programmes, ensures regular scientific and technological coordination and fulfils institutional representation functions.

Business Poles

PURPAN is a founder member of two business poles: 'Cancer-Bio-Santé', under the PA3S, and 'Agrimip Sud-Ouest Innovation'.
     'Cancer-Bio-Santé' operates across the entire cancer spectrum: prevention, diagnosis and treatment, medical equipment and patient monitoring (eHealth).
     'Agrimip Sud-Ouest Innovation' seeks to foster synergy among the various actors in the food chains, from the consumer going right back to the producer.
PURPAN is a member of the offices of these two poles. The School's research teams have been or are involved in 5 collaborative research programmes funded within the context of the Single Interministerial Fund (FUI) devoted to projects approved by the business poles.


Other Scientific Networks

PURPAN also develops scientific partnerships within the context of:

  • "Toulouse Agri Campus"
  • The "University de Toulouse" PRES (Research and Higher Education Pole),
  • The Fésia Network etc.
Links to the UMR (Mixed Research Units) and networks