Everyday life

As part of its support project, the School makes every effort to supply a range of services and to help the students through the various administrative and practical procedures


The School has an accommodation service to help students find accommodation located as near to the School as possible.

The School's environment and history make such a search very easy.

Various solutions are possible:

  • In a collective student residence
  • Flat sharing
  • Individual accommodation in a block of flats or villa

All of these solutions are available at a range of reasonable prices.

  • A university restaurant, supported by the CROUS (The Regional Centre of University and School Facilities) and located at the Veterinary School for 3 Schools in the west of Toulouse. It is 5 minutes from PURPAN.
  • The Students' Office organises various on-site quick food options.



PURPAN is blessed with a remarkable location within Toulouse in terms of transport. A range of bus lines can be used to get to the School. There is a tram line, linked to the metro, with a stop just 500 metres from the School.
Our site has been organised to be able to house cars and bicycles.
Various car-sharing solutions are set up among the students.



Facilities and equipment

All the scientific, teaching and sports equipment can be found within the School's leafy, 40-hectare setting.

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