Management team

A management team running an open organisation

Just like the companies for whom we train future managers, the mission for the PURPAN management team is to coordinate the fundamental strategic and operational choices, while preparing for the future by drawing up the key projects.

In this context, our team strives to make our organisation as open as possible.
Fostering the emergence of cross-sectional teams, triggering creativity and managing each project are our main action areas.
We can thus experience what our students will discover later in their companies.



  • Eric LATGE Dean and Managing Director
  • Marie Odile BISCH Associate Dean for International Relations
  • Hervé BRUSTEL Head of the Social and Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity Department
  • Jean DAYDE Associate Dean for Research
  • Didier KLEIBER Academic Dean
  • Djamila LEKHAL Head of the Agronomic and Food-Processing Sciences Department
  • Michèle MAILHES Associate Dean for External Relations
  • Céline PELTIER Head of the Economic Sciences, Administration, Marketing and Management Department
  • Viviane SASSUS Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Vassilia THEODOROU Head of the Micronutrients and Health Mixed Research Unit
  • Catherine TOCQUER Associate Dean for Companies Relations