Our specialities

You will discover 5 characteristics which, in addition to the excellent training provided, represent PURPAN's strong points

Whole chapters focus on them on this website.

Human development at the heart of our project

A progressive 5-year course is organised so as to:

  • Learn to know yourself, listen and accept yourself in order to progress and find your place.
  • Accept complementary skills when working in groups and discover cultural diversity in the world and within companies.
  • Develop a taste and passion for communication.
  • Become independent and responsible.
  • Develop future managerial abilities
  • Integrate professional ethics and company ethics.
Students' international experience: a field of excellence

To ensure openness and an understanding of the world:

  • 100% of our students go on a 3-month internship at the end of their 2nd year in an English-speaking country, mainly New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, Northern Europe.
  • 90% of our students do the first semester of their 4th year abroad (80% in university semesters in almost 60 partner universities and 15% in humanitarian organisations).
  • In 5th year, PURPAN offers 8 'double-degree' agreements for 18 months of university semesters in 8 prestigious universities.
The importance of internships: the key to professionalisation

An integral part of the training course, internships require preparation, intensive tutoring and time to reflect on and review the experience.
Reports, of increasing difficulty, conclude these internships and the dissertation produced at the end of studies in 5th year must be defended before a panel, with the student demonstrating his/her engineering capabilities prior to entering a company.

The Domaine de Lamothe: at the heart of understanding agriculture

The agricultural heart of our teaching and research:

  • 250 hectares of crops (wheat, corn, sunflowers, hemp etc.).
  • 1 workshop with 6,000 free-range hens.
  • 1 herd of 120 dairy cows milked by robots (1,200,000 litres).

offers genuine immersion into the the actual situation in the field and enables practical illustration for the lectures and a chance to experience first-hand the management of a farm.

An agronomic platform, the only one of its kind in France, is set aside for research programmes focused on sustainable production.

A School with close relationships with companies

This is one of PURPAN's trademarks which is expressed by:

  • A business park in which over 10 companies have a permanent presence, located close to the School.
  • Plans for a future science park which will welcome 15 extra companies focusing on 'health' aspects linked to food processing.
  • Lecturers/researchers who perform contracts every year on behalf of 50 to 80 companies.

This global system provides a two-fold guarantee: firstly that the teaching will be adapted to the reality of the economic world and secondly that it will be possible for companies to recruit future executives, genuine operational team and project managers.