PURPAN offers every kind of further education course as well as Bachelor's and Master's degrees and PhDs.

The six pedagogical components at PURPAN

  •   Structure through the acquisition of a solid scientific base 

The following can be found at the heart of our teaching: mastering analysis, calculation, modelling and simulation tools, being able to implement a scientific approach.

  •  The progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills 

Guiding young people to master all the complexity calls for rigour in the acquisition of a range of technical, economic, sociological and legal disciplines.

  •   The fundamental role of human development

  Learning to know oneself, understanding one's interaction with others, acquiring a sense of responsibility and commitment, preparing to manage a company, creating a basis of values to succeed as an engineer.

  •   Listening, support and training when decisions need to be made

The student lies at the centre of the training system. Listening to them, supporting them on a daily basis and fuelling their passion will lead them to realise their full potential.
















  • Acquiring varied professional experience

Students gain experience of real professional life during internships (15 to 18 months during engineer training) and numerous simulations of work situations (project-based teaching).

  • International Experience

To gain self-confidence, discover other cultures and environments, prepare to work in a multi-cultural world and master foreign languages.

Find work quickly in a range of different professions

  • Quick access to employment opportunities 

Almost 50% of our students sign their first professional contract before receiving their degrees.
All of our graduates find work within 6 months.


  • Over 300 professions

In sectors as varied as:
Research, technical studies, consultancy, teaching, agricultural production and the food industry, environment, natural resource management, marketing, business, purchasing, logistics, distribution, management, insurance, finance, human resources.