3rd year

  • Here the focus is on production and processing techniques.
  • The major types of agricultural and agri-food production are evaluated  at all levels of the company. At the same time, key economic and financial management practices are learnt.
  • The engineering methods provided are numerous: statistical data analysis tools, research and bibliographic synthesis tools, analysis and design of information systems, genetic engineering.







  • The teaching of human development continues from the perspective of companies and decision making.
  • There is a large amount of synthesis work which leads the student to consider the various human, technical and economic constraints in order to study all the aspects of a problem (bibliographical dissertation, specific case studies).
  • The end-of-year internship after the third year encourages the student to take part in the work and life of a company in France, to become acquainted with the problems faced by the organisation and to study the decision-making process.