Student life

Joining PURPAN means signing up for our community life

Learning responsibilities and commitment to others are the key aspects of a civic education. PURPAN supports and promotes activities launched by the students which adhere to our advocated values. Encouraging student sports, societies and clubs is in line with our strategy.

Students' Office

A dynamic Students' Office ensures that student life will never be dull

It runs the specific facilities (student residence, sports equipment etc.) and clubs (photos, music, theatre, hiking, cinema etc.).
All year round, this Office strives to provide a whole range of cultural, sporting and festive events.
It holds weekly meetings with the School Director to develop the quality of life on campus.


Clubs and sports

An all-action sports section

The sports teams compete in a range of championships (rugby, football, basketball etc.) as well as national competitions (the EDHEC Cup sailing race, the 4L Trophy etc.).

50% of PURPAN students are members of university sports teams or clubs.

Many international sportsmen and women (rugby, equestrian etc.) have trained at PURPAN in a specially tailored course (e.g. Yannick Jauzion, international rugby player).

Parties at PURPAN

PURPAN is one of the rare Schools which organises, together with the students, on-site parties and events where everyone learns to combine joie de vivre, partying and self-control.

Each graduating class and all the students can therefore organise their own events, in accordance with the law and the School regulations. Everyone can thus demonstrate commitment and responsibility.



Some unique societies


    'Hommes différents une action commune' (Different men, but joint action) supports solidarity or mutual assistance projects in France or in developing countries.

    The 'Vinothèque'

    Wine-loving students organise themed tasting sessions, including the famous 'Cheese and Wine Evening'.

    Purpan Junior

    A society run by student engineers and at the service of companies.

    All these societies allow each student to involve themselves in serving others and give them the chance to learn their responsibilities.