A message from the Dean

'Have the courage to become oneself'

Thank you for your interest in Ecole d’ingénieurs PURPAN.

For 100 years, PURPAN engineers have been convinced that the school has thrived to increase their skills and develop their human sense.

To do so, we have 5 years, positioned in a key period for personality development,5 years during which our high-level faculty, chosen professionals and the school personnel commit to an educational project destined to allow our future engineers to acquire those values essential to their future.

We believe in structuration through education, in talent through work, in wonderment through discovery, in fulfillment through encounters and in intelligence through reflection on life experiences.

PURPAN has forged its reputation for excellence with enterprises through the work of its engineers able to put into action the search for performance and quality, aptitude to change, respect of others, solidarity, honesty and humanity.

Today, almost 500 PURPAN graduates are working in over 300 professions, both in France and abroad.

Thanks to its entrepreneurial mindset, PURPAN helps each engineer to widen their spheres of possibilities, even to go so far as to invent their career to come.

                                                                         Eric LATGE
                                                    Dean and Managing Director






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Managing change

Personal commitment


Sense of justice

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