Quality approach


A management tool for continuous improvement

2008: Implementation of a System of Quality Management (SMQ) based on ISO9001: 2008.

  • 21 processes described, evaluated and improved, including all major activities:

    Education / Research/ International Relations
    Including all the support and management related activities.

The Domaine de Lamothe (PURPAN's farm), the catering of the school and the laboratories are excluded.

  • A team of 12 internal auditors in charge of a sustained audits to identify strengths and areas for improvement and program malfunctions or nonconformities to treat.
  • 2 management reviews per year involving drivers process and the steering committee. Following these meetings, improvement actions are determined and tracked over time.
  • Over 80 process indicators, including 20 that are strategic who control the key elements of the organization.

2011 : Obtaining of the ISO9001 : 2008                                     

Recognition of a true knowledge, life skills and making known to all students and employees of the Ecole d'Ingénieurs de PURPAN .

Significant credibility to all external stakeholders including: prospective students and their parents, businesses, academic and institutional partners.