Our students receive international exposure throughout their 5 years of engineer training.

A field of excellence for PURPAN

  •   The engineer of tomorrow must master the approaches of international markets and extremely diverse cultural and socio-economic worlds. 

Two major objectives:

  • Understanding the world.
  • Mastering English.

80 partner universities

  •   These agreements are an essential point of entry which enable over 90% of 4th-year students to complete an academic semester abroad.

8 double degree agreements

  • With 18-month courses in foreign universities, PURPAN graduates acquire an international Master's from the foreign university chosen.
  • Excellent for your CV. 











5 International Master's 

  • PURPAN participates actively in the teaching of 5 Master's degrees offered within the Toulouse Agri Campus and Fésia networks
  • Primary aim: welcoming foreign students, lessons in English…

Welcoming foreign students

  • Programmes of various lengths with a wide range of content 
  • Summer programme, academic semester, internships, study tours

A mastery of languages acquired during the course

  • The key to working internationally
  • Intensive programme of lessons and practical work 
  • Mandatory 3-month internship in an English-speaking country at the end of the second year 

PURPAN's Declaration of ERASMUS Strategy