4th-year academic semester abroad

During the fourth year at PURPAN, students can complete a one-semester study period in a foreign university.

These study periods are possible thanks to partnership agreements which PURPAN has signed as part of a network (Fésia) or bilaterally (particularly the partnership agreements with the USA and Canada).

  • Over 80 universities
  • 40 different countries
  • Examples of our partnerships: Wageningen in the Netherlands, Cordoue in Spain, Laval in Quebec, Kansas, Purdue, Urbana-Champaign on Florida in the United States, Buenos-Aires in Argentina, São Paulo in Brazil.

    80% of our students choose to leave for a study period which offers a range of teaching enabling the future engineer to develop his/her knowledge in themes which complement those studied at PURPAN.

in 2016 - 2017, 4th-year students who chose this option went to :