Gradually develop your professionalism

15 to 18 months of internships to compare your knowledge with the reality in the professional world. Rich professional and personal experiences, concluding with the drafting of a summary report.

  •   Internship at the end of the first year (15 weeks) in a farm with a family.
    • Aimed at the observation and discovery of a farm and its socio-professional environment at the same time as having another family experience.
  •   Internship at the end of the second year (12 weeks) on a farm overseas.
    • Apart from using a foreign language and discovering a different country, this leads the student to develop his/her analytical capabilities.
  •   Internship at the end of the third year (10 weeks) puts the student in contact with economic organisations in the agricultural world.
    • The goal is the understanding the organisation and operation of a company, while the student must also acquire notions of a project management approach.
  •   The end-of-year internship (25 weeks) gives the student the chance to work as an engineer in a French or overseas company.
    • The engineering dissertation will show that the future engineer is able to undertake and carry out, methodically, rigorously and competently, a study which will result in suggestions or achievements, the merits of which will be justified before a dissertation panel.