4th year and specific courses

Two distinct semesters make up the fourth year:

  • The first is the opportunity for a long experience overseas (20 ECTS)
  • The second sheds light on both the challenges for the agricultural and food processing industries and the project and company management tools available (40 ECTS)

Semester 1
  •   Study semester in foreign universities:  :

A variety of destinations: Agreements with over 60 foreign universities in more than 20 countries across 3 continents.
Quality of the courses: recognition of the specific mutual teaching requirements and constant assessment of the quality of the training offered (teaching contract worth 20 ECTS).


  •   Semester of experience in a developing country: 

The chance to integrate an organisation such as an NGO, local institution, or professional organisation etc. Gain experience while helping disadvantaged peoples. Main action areas: Country planning, food crop production, processing and marketing, educational and social action (projects in over 15 countries across 3 continents).

  •   Training through research:

Contribution to a research programme with a PURPAN team. Learning scientific rigour and the problem solving approach. Opportunity for students to confirm their interest in doctoral research (PhD).


Semester 2

Acquiring the skills of an engineer/manager:

  • Understanding the main challenges for the agricultural and food processing industries in their economic, social, environmental and territorial context
  • Being aware of and using the main strategic analysis methods to develop the competitiveness of the company
  • Mastering the techniques for managing the physical and information flows within the company.
  • Mastering the tools and methods of project management to help companies make progress



Specific courses
  • 'Personal Development' course: 

Constructed on the basis of optional fourth-year modules, choice of an end-of-year internship (in France or abroad) and choice of a specific area of research.


  • AREM (Agricultural Resources and Environmental Management) course:

Founded on the concepts of sustainable development in the three fields of Ecology, Economics and Sociology, the AREM course is the chance to train while interacting with students from KSU (Kansas State University).

  • Study and training course:

Under professional contract for the last 18 months of their course, benefiting from a salary and modules focused on their company's sphere of activity, the students immerse themselves in the life and culture of the company with whom they have every chance of gaining a permanent position.

Courses: 'Banking/Finance/Insurance', 'Large-scale Distribution', 'Management and Consultancy', 'Agriculture and Innovation'


  • Double degree course 'Engineer + Master's from a foreign university'

Proactive approach to development overseas at PURPAN: 10 agreements in Europe, North America and South America.

The opportunity of benefiting from twice the culture and skills in order to train overseas.

One extra semester for validation of the two degrees.


  • 'Engineer + Fésia Master's' course 

Course constructed by Fésia and aimed at foreign students.

  • 'EURAMA' Master'
  • 'Food Identity' Master's
  • Agroecology' Master's
  • 'International Food Marketing and Management' Master's