Research / Development / Consultancy

At PURPAN, the Research/Development/Consultancy activities are often launched as a result of requests from the professional world

Companies are key partners for all the types of projects carried out by the Research teams (in over 80% of cases).

All types of company are involved, from farms and SMEs, to professional organisations and technical institutes, right up to the largest international food processing, large-scale distribution or pharmaceutical groups.

The purposes of the partnerships are very diverse, depending on the themes and expertise of the research teams.


These private partnerships are formalised in a contract with PURPAN, setting forth the methods for executing the work, the funding (and any public cofinancing) and how the results will be delivered and exploited. In concrete terms, there is a whole range of possible relationships:

  • Consultancy
  • Expert auditing
  • Service provision
  • Studies
  • More long-term research and development programmes

Contact:   Research teams

    Jean Dayde, Associate Dean in Research